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Sugar and spice makes everything nice! Falernum, pineapple gum syrup, fresh lime and bitters meet our Esencia Spice Flavored Rum for a drink that is just bursting with flavor. Plus, nutmeg all over the place. What a catch!

Idle Hands

No monkeying around—this heaven in a glass will have you coming back for more! Ripened bananas broken down in our Fifth Element White Rum using an enzyme, then clarified in a centrifuge to make crystal clear. We then add Lime 2.0, built to emulate lime juice allowing the cocktail to remain completely clear.

Scoville Pearl

Cool ‘n creamy with a nice subtle kick - this crowd favorite has layers of flavor including coconut, honey, jalapeño and basil rounded off with heavy cream and our very own Matisse Vodka.


There is so much to love with this perfect light, refreshing mix of fresh raspberry stock, fresh squeezed lime juice and sugar with a hint of orange curaçao paired with our Touché 8 Year Rum.

Touche Old Fashioned

Our version of a classic. Touché 8 Year Aged Rum, demerara sugar and bitters finished with a luxardo cherry and expressed orange peel. Cheers!

Smoked Touche Old Fashioned

This smoky old fashioned is anything but ordinary. Touché 8 Year Aged Rum, a heavy gum syrup and angostura-soaked pineapple slice, all smoked with cherry wood chips.

White Russian

A generous dose of our house made coffee liqueur - using coffee beans from our friends at Aldea - and Matisse Vodka mixed with heavy cream and a touch of sugar for the best handcrafted White Russian around. You won’t be able to get enough!

23 Year Duck Fat-Washed Rum Sazerac

Our award winning 23 year Migration Rum gently washed with rendered duck fat, making this cocktail one of the smoothest cocktails you’ll ever drink. The glass is first washed with Burl and Sprig Absinthe. Next, the cocktail is stirred separately with house made gum syrup and bitters. Lastly, it's carefully poured over our hand cut artisan ice and garnished with flaming orange expression.

Aged Egg nog

This is not your grandma’s eggnog. Aged to perfection to be creamy, rich, and decadent. Made with our award-winning Touché 8 Year Rum, heavy cream, fresh egg, and Madagascar vanilla extract,. Garnished with Cinnamon.

Mai Tai

This iconic drink is loaded with three different rums, including our signature Jamaican 8 year blend, Fifth Element White Rum, and Esencia Spice Flavored Rum. Orange curaçao, almond orgeat, demerara sugar and fresh lime juice accompany these fine rums and will make you feel like you’re sitting on a tropical beach far, far away.


This drink is sweet and sassy. You’ll be able to pick out some of your favorite tiki flavors of pineapple, maple, passion fruit, almonds, allspice and fresh lime from this multi-layered cocktail. Served with our very own Esencia Spice Flavored Rum, you’ll be coming back to this neck of the woods to try it again and again.

Fat Thai

This funky, hearty concoction contains MIgration 23 Year Rum, avocado pit orgeat, passionfruit butter, coconut cream and is balanced out with some fresh lime juice to give you a fatty mouthfeel that is bursting with flavor, leaving you with the ultimate lasting impression.

Peanut Butter Washed Pumpkin Pie

#DrunkinByPumpkinPie! Made by using a process called fat washing to infuse our 8 year Touché Rum with Jiffy peanut butter. We then build a batter from coconut cream and pumpkin purée with lots of fun fall spices. Mixed with a little Fifth Element White Rum, orange and pineapple juice to give you our pumpkin paradise.

No BS Hot Buttered Rum

The spice is extra nice in this thick, creamy, dessert-like, Fall beverage made with our award-winning 8 year Touché Rum, vanilla ice cream, butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, and ground nutmeg! Harry Potter would approve!

Ramos Gin Fizz

This pretty little gin cocktail has all the creaminess of a Piña Colada and none of the coconut; but instead contains fresh citrus, sugar, honey, orange blossom water, egg white and our Tribus Gin. Dating back to 1888 with New Orleans roots, this cocktail has been a hit ever since.

Strawberry Caprese

For all the shrub lovers out there! Recapture summer with strawberry and basil and a tingling twist to tie them together. Fresh strawberry purée, aged sherry vinegar muddled with local grown basil, spiked with a healthy portion of Mattise Vodka. A house favorite!

Carrot Cake Ramos Rum Fizz

"This one takes the cake! Complex and sophisticated. A rich, creamy, scientific twist on a Gin Fizz that will bring back childhood memories with a delightful mix of house made - carrot cake rum, acidulated carrot juice, rooibos gingerbread dream tea simple syrup, cream cheese milk, carrot top soda, orange blossom black walnut tincture with a little egg white to hold it all together. PLEASE ALLOW A LITTLE EXTRA TIME FOR THIS ONE.

Bubble Party

YOU HAVE NOT LIVED UNTIL YOU'VE TRIED THIS COCKTAIL! Experience a burst of heavenly flavor from meticulously-crafted, painstakingly hand-made English cucumber spheres in this sublime cocktail that includes Tribus Gin, house-made Chartreuse, Fever-Tree Tonic, sugar and a little citric acid.

Bee-Line to Saturn

We take your typical tiki Saturn drink - passionfruit, fresh lemon, almond orgeat and falernum- and make it not so typical with a bit of flair. Adding a touch of honey with Tribus Gin and Touché 8 Year Rum, this pleasing combination is as delicious as it sounds.
Burl & Sprig Bottled Spirits:
The Fifth Element
White Rum
23 Year Old Rum
Barrel Aged Spice Flavored Rum
8 Year Old Rum
Tribus | 40% alc/vol
Inviting aromas of Coriander, mixed peppercorns, fresh pineapple, white flowers, and pine sap with a satiny, crisp, dry-yet-fruity medium body and a tingling, interesting, cheery cardamom, lime peel, anise, dried ginger, and angelica finish.

100% grain neutral spirits

Burl & Sprig award winning rums:
23 Year Old Rum
8 Year Old Rum
8 Year Old Rum
8 Year
Pot Still Rum
Bronze color. Aromas of madeira cake, caramelized almonds, maple-walnut frosting, and raisins with a satiny, bright, fruity medium body and a graceful, interesting, medium-length clove, cigar wrapper, sesame, and brown butter finish. A rich and leathery aged rum for sipping and savoring.
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