Burl & Sprig is borne from the unrelenting desire to
distill, blend and discover designer rums
of exceptional quality and taste

To introduce a rare and exclusive rum experience harvested from the richest, purest ingredients in Panama and various other cultures from around the world. Our focus is to distill, blend, and discover. What this means to us is cultivating the highest quality, clean ingredient-based rums blended with distinctive ingredients tailored to the unique pallets of imbibers. What this means for you, is a drink that will immediately transport you to sun-drenched beaches with calming ocean waves. We are NOT just a beverage, we ARE a passport to paradise, inviting all to relax, recharge, and join us in experiencing the magic of Burl & Sprig. 


Burl & Sprig uses sugar cane farmed from the richest soils in Panama to develop only the finest Panamanian-based rums. In-house, vodka and gin are craftily sculpted and infused with the unique Burl & Sprig flavor profile. While anyone can distill, no one does it quite like us. 


Burl & Sprig blends like no other rum company in the U.S.A. What sets us apart is our unique use of flavor infusions unlike any other spirit on the market. We single handedly select the most decadent, rich flavors to give our rums and other spirits, a palatable profile that is out of this world. While anyone can blend, our complex flavors and attention to detail is what gives us the edge in the spirit market- no one does it quite like us.    


Burl & Sprig brand is synonymous with quality and integrity. Quality: 8 years of developing the perfect taste profiles in each individual spirit. Integrity: 1000’s of hours and 100’s of different blends, our line of spirits is custom tailored to meet YOUR unique flavor needs. Our process for discovery is based on your experience of joy. We never stop testing limits or growing our product- no one does it quite like us. 

Meet Our Founder

Cody's passion for chemistry, particularly organic chemistry, began at a young age. He  reminisced, "I was fascinated with chemistry, especially organic chemistry." Experimenting with fermentation and distillation, he vividly recalled, "I built my first still in my parent's basement when I was 16 years old, unbeknownst to my parents." Despite keeping his early endeavors a secret from his parents, Cody's interest in distillation only grew stronger over the years.

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