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West Michigan Rum Company is a rum centric distillery with an unrelenting desire to discover, blend, and distill designer rums of exceptional quality and taste. Burl & Sprig is our portfolio of rums broken into three segments: rums we manufacture in West Michigan, rums produced in collaborations with distilleries across the world, and single cask rare eclectic rums collected from our travels around the world.

Currently, in our portfolio, we offer four award-winning Panamanian rums. These four rums are a collaboration between West Michigan Rum Co. and Las Cabras Distillery. In our pursuit to find the highest quality rum, we sought out Las Cabras Distillery hidden in the jungles of the Herrera region in Panama. The area is nutrient-rich with volcanic soil comparable to the best sugar cane growing islands in the Caribbean.

The distillery was once a sugar mill established in the early 1900s until it fell into neglect. In the mid-1990s, our Master Distiller came across a sugar mill amongst the sea of sugar cane which housed a copper still. Initially built in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1922, this four-column still was restored back into production and is today used to make our rums.

Las Cabras uses proprietary yeast from pineapples developed by the Master Blender. The molasses used to make our rum is sourced from one of the local mills. After distillation, the spirits are cut down and aged in ex-bourbon casks.

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