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West Michigan Rum Company is a rum centric distillery with an unrelenting desire to discover, blend, and distill designer rums of exceptional quality and taste. Burl & Sprig is our portfolio of rums broken into three segments: rums we manufacture in West Michigan, rums produced in collaborations with distilleries across the world, and single cask rare eclectic rums collected from our travels around the world.

Migration 1

Artwork on Label:Stefano Bonazzi

Migration Medals


23 Year Old Rum

Our reserve rum is truly a one of a kind experience. Made using our Master Blender’s proprietary yeast, 100 year old copper column stills and molasses refined from sugar cane grown in the nutrient rich soils deep in the jungles of Panama. Migration is then carefully aged in hand selected young and matured American oak ex-bourbon casts.

Tasting Notes:
Bronze color. Aromas of madeira cake, caramelized almonds, maple-walnut frosting, and raisins with a satiny, bright, fruity medium body and a graceful, interesting, medium-length clove, cigar wrapper, sesame, and brown butter finish. A rich and leathery aged rum for sipping and savoring.


Touche 1
Artwork on Label:Greg Bromley
Touche Medals


8 Year Old Rum

Burl & Sprig takes the art of distilling and blending exceptional rums to the highest levels when it developed its Touché 8 Year Rum. A blend of meticulously hand selected Panamanian column and pot still rums that are all aged at least 8 years results in a semi-sweet rum that perfectly balances its sophisticated texture, exceptional taste and an alluring aroma that leaves you yearning for more.

Tasting Notes:
Golden amber color. Aromas and flavors of ripe citrus, maple-roasted nuts, pound cake with dulce de leche, and sassafras with a satiny, crisp, off-dry light-to-medium body and a sleek, breezy finish with suggestions of candied pineapple, toffee, and raisin toast finish. Easy to drink and very approachable, this rum offers a tasty tipple to rum enthusiasts and novices alike.

Fifth Element
Artwork on Label:Stefanos Folinas
Fifth Element Medals


White Rum

Burl & Sprigs Fifth Element aged white rum is no ordinary rum. Following a traditional Cuban rum making process, know as “Carta Blanca”, Burl & Sprigs Fifth Element White Rum is aged in ex-bourbon casks for at least 3 years. This Panamanian column still rum is blended with just enough 28 year rum to cut down the sharp edges then filtered through activated carbon filters to remove the color.

Tasting Notes:
Clear color. Aromas and flavors of fresh lemon zest, tapioca pudding, and coconut with a supple, crisp, dry-yet-fruity medium body and a tingling, medium finish. A bright white rum that will be a workhorse behind the bar. 

Esencia 1
Artwork on Label:Iain Macarthur
Esencia Medal


Barrel Aged Spice Flavored Rum

As a rum centric American distillery Burl & Sprig recognizes the beautiful marriage between spice flavored rum and Coca-Cola. In its pursuit of the perfect spice rum Burl & Sprig began by reverse engineering the flavor profile of Coca-Cola. From there, its master blenders built its Esencia spice rum from the ground up utilizing 4 different Panamanian rums aged up to 8 years. After adding carefully hand selected spices, Burl & Sprigs Esencia – Barrel Aged Spice Flavored Rum effortlessly mixes with Coca-Cola for the perfect rum and coke.

Tasting Notes:
Golden amber color. Aromas and flavors of pistachio gelato, strawberry mousse, toffee, nutmeg, and anisette cookie with a satiny, crisp, off-dry light-to-medium body and a warming, interesting, brisk finish with notes of vanilla-coke and cafe latte finish. A twisting and turning spice flavored rum for mixed drinks. 

Matisse 1
Artwork on Label:Laurie Raskin



A premium vodka made from fine wheat grain and water from the Great Lakes water basin in Michigan. This exceptionally clean vodka is slightly viscous with good legs and provides a fresh alcohol aroma. Distilled 26 times then filtered though activated carbon filters, Burl & Sprigs Matisse Vodka can be served neat, on ice or in a cocktail.

Tasting Notes:
Fresh aromas and flavors of dusty wheat, hints of lemon peel and white pepper with a satiny, crisp, average-to-medium body and a smooth, compelling finish with a touch of sweetness. 

Tribus 1
Artwork on Label:Daniel A du Preez



The founders of Burl & Sprig jumped at the opportunity to develop an artisanal gin that could meet the expectations of today’s sophisticated gin lovers while also meeting the demands of elite mixologists behind the bar. Its Tribus Gin takes a modern approach to this classic spirit with its beautiful, light bodied blend of botanicals that provide a fresh citrus forward experience that balances well in many cocktails.

100% grain neutral spirits

Tasting Notes:
Inviting aromas of Coriander, mixed peppercorns, fresh pineapple, white flowers, and pine sap with a satiny, crisp, dry-yet-fruity medium body and a tingling, interesting, cheery cardamom, lime peel, anise, dried ginger, and angelica finish.